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Cygwin Installation

Step followed:

  1. Download and run Cygwin setup.
  2. Select Unix/Binary file types during installation.
  3. Select appropriate development packages, at least the gcc, make, automake, and autoconf.
  4. In Editors, choose emacs if you like to use it.
  5. Install ruby. You will need it for Terminator, a GPL terminal emulator.
  6. Complete the Cygwin installation. It will take some time until it downloads and installs the required packages.
  7. Go to My Computer -> right click -> Properties -> Advanced(tab) -> Environment Variables and create a new system-wide variable named “CYGWIN”. Give it the value “ntsec tty”. ntsec is for file permissions, and tty is needed for emacs to function properly.
  8. Edit the PATH variable in the Environment Variables and add “C:\Cygwin\bin”, assuming it is the correction Cygwin location.
  9. When you first get into the Cygwin, type the following commands to make appropriate passwd and group files:
    mkpasswd -l -c > /etc/passwd
    mkgroup -l -d > /etc/group
  10. Download and install Terminator. You have desktop icon as well but it does not work for me. So, if this is also the case for you, enter terminator at the command prompt. You shall have terminator running.

This installs a basic cygwin system with a decent terminal in the form of Terminator.



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