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Increasing the disk size in andLinux

  1. Stop the andLinux service and make sure no colinux daemon is running.
  2. Download dd for windows and put in the same folder as base.drv or wherever your “/” drive image is located.
  3. The following command extends a 4 GB partition to 16 GB:
    dd bs=16384 if=/dev/zero of=base.drv seek=262144 count=786432
  4. The seek=262144 tells dd that it should start filling zeros starting from this address which is the size of your 4GB image divided by 16384. In my case it is
    4294967296/16384=262144 number of 16K blocks.
  5. The count=786432 tells dd that it should fill 12GB of zeros. This is just (1024)^3/16384 number of blocks.
  6. After it has increased the file size, start the andLinux service and at the command prompt in Linux, type the following:
    apt-get install ext2resize
    ext2online /dev/cobd0
  7. Now you should have the new expanded hard disk image. To check, type:
    at the command prompt and you will see that /dev/cobd0 is now new size.



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