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Useful tmux Commands

tmux is a powerful console window manager. The most valuable feature of tmux is the ability to detach from a running tmux session, exit the ssh session, relogin to ssh again and resume the tmux session. This is simply beautiful. Here I list some handy tmux commands.

  • tmux
    starts the tmux.
  • ^b d
    detaches from a running tmux session.
  • tmux attach
    attaches to a running tmux session.
  • ^b ?
    lists all the key-bindings. Great help.
  • ^b %
    splits the window into two vertical panes.
  • ^b c
    creates a new window.
    switches to right/left panes.
    scrolls the buffer up/down.
  • ^b d
    detaches the current session.
  • tmux attach -d
    attaches to a tmux session, detaching the other clients.

Thank you tmux-team for developing such a useful program.



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3 thoughts on “Useful tmux Commands
  1. Ahmed Kamal

    Hey there,

    I landed on your website after searching for dreambox plugins. Then I found this page talking about tmux. I had hoped you got tmux running on-top of dreambox dm800se. But it seems you are talking about tmux on a PC. Any idea how to get tmux (or screen) running on a dm800se box? I come from a strong linux background, however I’m still not exactly sure if I can just grab any mipsel ipk file from the internet, use it on my dreambox and just expect it to work. Not sure if those ipk files are built for different HW/SW combos. I really dont know much yet about mipsel stuff

    Thanks a lot

  2. admin

    Dear Ahmed
    Thanks for stopping by. You are right that I am using tmux on a Linux machine. I have been using dreambox for more than a year now but have never done any build for it. I use newnigma2.to firmware and looked into some tutorials on how to build for it. I could not find any that clearly explains this subject.

    I just use newnigma2’s builtin install mechanism to install scripts from their repository. I would have loved to install emacs on it but as it is not available so I have to do with vi.



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