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Write your own Python Plugin for Dreambox Newnigma2 and Map to a QuickButton

I have a Samsung TV that is connected to the Dreambox 800SE. The audio output of the dreambox goes to a Sony Blu Ray player. I can turn on the Sony Blu Ray player through Samsung TV remote control but not through Dreambox remote. This always requires also having the Samsung remote handy. What I wanted was to simply map a long press of a quickbutton (e.g., color buttons on the dreambox remote) to a plugin that will send Samsung remote control commands to the Samsung TV. I have written a python script that shows how you can achieve this in another post. The following diagram will explain the setup that I just described.

So actually what I want is to send remote control commands to the Samsung TV through a plugin from the Dreambox which will in turn use my python script to send them to the TV. The TV will then execute them to connect over CEC to the Sony Blu Ray player.

To write the plugin for dreambox, I have used Python. The script development has been explained nicely in this guide which I also used as guideline. The main  component of the plugin is the plugin.py file which for my case is very simple as shown below.

# My own small Plugin
# Author: Asif Iqbal
# Date: 06 APR 2012

from Plugins.Plugin import PluginDescriptor
import os

def main(session, **kwargs):
        os.system('python /etc/samsungremote.py')

def Plugins(**kwargs):
        return PluginDescriptor(
                description="Samsung TV Remote",
                where = PluginDescriptor.WHERE_PLUGINMENU,

As you can see the plugin itself is very simple. It just calls your python script. The Python script as I have explained above can be found in one of my other posts. To use the plugin, follow these steps:

  • Create a folder according to the name of your plugin (in my case ExecuteMyScript)¬† /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/
  • Put the above explained plugin script plugin.py under /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/ExecuteMyScript or the folder name that you chose.
  • You also need to place an empty file named __init__.py in this folder.
  • Make sure that the link to your own script is correct in the plugin.py file.
  • Now you need to reboot the Dreambox (or restart GUI).
  • After reboot, use the QuickButton Plugin to choose your Plugin (ExecuteMyScript, in my case) to map to the long press of a color button of your choice.
  • That’s it. You have created your own Dreambox plugin and have successfully mapped to a quick button.

A zip file containing both the plugin files (__ini__.py and the plugin.py) can be found on my download page.



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One thought on “Write your own Python Plugin for Dreambox Newnigma2 and Map to a QuickButton
  1. Vik

    Thank you for this Interesting article..

    Do you think that it is possible with this script to control just the power of my samsung TV? so that based on the state of the dreambox the TV will switch on or off? I don’t need any other controls, I just want the TV to go on and off.

    Excuse my ignorance but my scripting capacities, don’t go much further than batch scripting. and Because of the children, – work and – house renovation, I don’t have much time left to play around on this little project.



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