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Setting Up SVN on Local Network

Assuming svn is installed on both computers (use apt-get install subversion)

On the Server:

  • Create the root repository container folder, e.g., /usr/src/my_data/svnrepos
  • Create the user that you’ll use to access the repository remotely.
  • adduser --no-create-home --ingroup subversion rpi (select passowrd. Create group subversion beforehand if needed)
  • smbpasswd -a rpi(use the same password if you like)
  • chown -R root:subversion svnrepos (chown to root and subversion group where the user should also belong)
  • Share the above folder using samba with the “force group” and “valid users” commands. Also change the masks to 0775.
  • Create svn respositry: svnadmin create raspi
  • Share top svn folder (/usr/src/my_data/svnrepos) using samba

On the Client:

  • Mount shared folder under, e.g., /mnt/svnrepos using, e.g.:
    // /mnt/svnrepos cifs user=rpi,pass=password 0 0
  • Mount it using:
    mount -a
  • Go to where you want to create the repositorycheckout the respository, e.g. /usr/src
  • Check out the repository using:
    svn checkout file:///mnt/svnrepos/raspi



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