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Using sshfs to mount Linux shares on Windows over ssh/Putty

For really long time, I’d been looking for a simpler way to access Linux shares on Windows over ssh. It’s tedious process to map them via Samba/CIFS driver on Windows that requires setting up a virtual network adapter to route the requests via Putty to the remote server. In enterprise environment, you’ve issues with this approach when the sharing is combined with local network shares.

Fortunately, some geeky souls have been working on this problem and we now have a good solution. I’m particulary thankful to the maintainers of the following projects:

Dokany is a windows file driver that provides file system functions to a file system application.
WinSshFS is a windows application that, together with Dokany, maps a remote directory over ssh as a local windows drive.


  • Configure ssh access on Linux
  • Confirm that it works using Putty on Windows
  • Configure Pageant with the ssh private key of the Linux user who will be accessing the share
  • Make sure that user has access to the share on Linux
  • Download and install Dokany driver on Windows
  • Download and run WinSshFS
  • Map the drive in the WinSshFS, see image below for hint.

Important: Make sure you use mutually compatible versions of both Dokany and WinSshFS.



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