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Accessing Remote Desktop Served by VBoxHeadless via SSH

– Make sure Xming is installed and connectable via SSH (putty) on Windows – Execute the following, given that the name of the virtual machine is “Windows 7”: VBoxHeadless –startvm “Windows 7” You can connect to this machine via rdesktop locally, using swiss german keyboard, and forward it over ssh through xming by: rdesktop -k […]

Using sshfs to mount Linux shares on Windows over ssh/Putty

For really long time, I’d been looking for a simpler way to access Linux shares on Windows over ssh. It’s tedious process to map them via Samba/CIFS driver on Windows that requires setting up a virtual network adapter to route the requests via Putty to the remote server. In enterprise environment, you’ve issues with this […]

Using svn+ssh from Eclipse through Pageant & Plink under Windows 7 64-bit

So I just want to use my svn repositories that are already configured and ready to use with svn+ssh protocol. I can check them out through TortoiseSVN as I have explained in one of my previous posts. Now the next step is to integrate it directly in the Eclipse IDE. Here are the steps needed […]

backur: A Configurable Python Utility for Optimized Incremental Backups

I have been on the lookout for an efficient small utility to incrementally backup my Linux server to an external drive. I have looked at various options like Back in Time and Backup PC. They are however too advanced and too automated for my purpose. My requirements are the following: Incremental backups Console based Preservation […]

Setting up svn+ssh on Ubuntu Server and Tortoise SVN as client on Windows PC

First you need to setup the basic ssh connectivity using e.g. putty and sshd. This is not the focus of this short report. On the Windows, use Pageant to cache the ssh key. The target in the “Shortcut to Pageant” should be similar to: “C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY\pageant.exe” C:\path\private_sshkey Check again that you can now connect […]

Remote Desktop to a Virtual Machine on VirtualBox running on a Headless Server

I have followed the excellent directions given by Falko Timme at howtoforge. I am copying his directions here with some changes to install a Windows 7 system. First you need to add the VirtualBox repo to the Ubuntu resources.lst: emacs /etc/apt/sources.list Add the following line to it: deb oneiric contrib Then download and install […]

Tutorial: Setting-up ARM Cortex-M3 Development Enviroment using Codesourcery Toolchain, Eclipse, and Segger J-Link Debugger

As can also be inferred from the title, we need three basic components: Eclipse CDT Codesourcery Lite for ARM Toolchain Segger J-Link Debugger/Emulator Eclipse CDT is a C/C++ development IDE based on Eclipse (which defaults to Java development). Codesourcery Lite is gcc-based ARM toolchain which provides all the basic ingredients (compiler, assembler, archiver, linker, libraries, […]

SlickEdit Restore Default Layout

Press ESC and issue tbresetall command.

Access Samba share over SSH Tunnel

Add the Loopback Adapter to the Windows client machine. Configure this adapter as following: Disable ‘File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks’. Choose appripriate IP address and netmask, such as: and Under ‘Advanced’ settings, check ‘Enable LMHOSTS Lookup’ and ‘Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP’ Under Putty, configure the SSH Tunnel as: Source port: […]

Samba Print Server Problem

I tried connecting to my samba print server from my xp notebook. The printer was always visible, connectable and accepted documents for printing but never led to a physical print. I could solve it by visiting: http://localhost:631/ and adding the printer to CUPS. It worked immediately!

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