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Real-Time Systems

Howto: Build a boot image for Coldfire using U-Boot

Get the git: apt-get install git-core Get latest u-boot sources for coldfire: cd /usr/src mkdir u-boot && cd u-boot git-clone git:// cd u-boot-coldfire Make u-boot for M5282EVB evaluation board. A list of available boards can be found under board/ folder and of cpus under cpu/. Now make the images: make M5282EVB_config make You might encounter […]

Howto: Building gcc/g++ toolchain for Motorola Coldfire/M68K Processors (II)

In a previous post, I have described how to make a coldfire toolchain using gcc 4.2.3. In this post, we shall see how we can use the latest cvs trunks to build the toolchain based on latest sources. You should have ample free space (ca. 3GB) on your hard disk and I assume you are […]

Installing Xenomai on Ubuntu with Linux Kernel 2.6.25

You should have ~2-3GB free space to make the kernel and must have root privileges. sudo su apt-get install subversion mkdir /usr/src/xenomai cd /usr/src/xenomai svn co svn:// xenomai Goto and download the latest kernel. At the time of writing: wget bzcat linux- | tar -xf – ln -s linux- linux cd xenomai Type: […]