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Tutorial: Setting-up ARM Cortex-M3 Development Enviroment using Codesourcery Toolchain, Eclipse, and Segger J-Link Debugger

As can also be inferred from the title, we need three basic components: Eclipse CDT Codesourcery Lite for ARM Toolchain Segger J-Link Debugger/Emulator Eclipse CDT is a C/C++ development IDE based on Eclipse (which defaults to Java development). Codesourcery Lite is gcc-based ARM toolchain which provides all the basic ingredients (compiler, assembler, archiver, linker, libraries, […]

Microcontroller Controlled High-Side Switch

This is a small circuit that I designed to switch a 12-V power source using an I/O pin of a 3.3V microcontroller. The important thing to note is the high-voltage non-inverted switching. Vin are the high-voltage that need to be switched and for 2N2907, it can be as high as 40V. V2 is the uC […]