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Using svn+ssh from Eclipse through Pageant & Plink under Windows 7 64-bit

So I just want to use my svn repositories that are already configured and ready to use with svn+ssh protocol. I can check them out through TortoiseSVN as I have explained in one of my previous posts. Now the next step is to integrate it directly in the Eclipse IDE. Here are the steps needed to achieve that:

  • Add new site through Help->Install New Software in Eclipse.
  • Install both Subclipse and SVNKit.
  • Create a new system variable SVN_SSH with the following value:
    C:\\Program Files\\TortoiseSVN\\bin\\TortoisePlink.exe -ssh -2 -A -l username.
    Take care to match the path and the username to your needs.
  • Restart Eclipse
  • Go to Window->Show View->Other and choose SVN Repositories.

  • Now go in the SVN Repositories tab on the lower side of the IDE and add the path to your repository (svn+ssh://yoursite/repo). If the authentication is working properly, you will now see you remote repository:
  • Now you can right-click on the desired project and Checkout to Eclipse to work on it. All the usual SVN commands will be available through Team menu.

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